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The home of over 5. Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Further documentation is available here. And hackers love to exploit them. New vulnerabilities appear almost daily.

If you have software – we all do – you need to keep tabs on the latest vulnerabilities. 373 12 12 12 12-5. 449 1 1 0 . 13 7 7 7 1. What are you looking for? A prime minister that understands the seriousness of cybersecurity combined with cross-government and public-private information sharing initiatives has sent Australia to the fore, according to Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security Angus Taylor.

The fourth of five Joint Cyber Security Centres has officially opened in Sydney, a year after the first was unveiled in Brisbane. Samsung and ADT have a product that combines smart home functionality with home security. The founder of the encrypted messaging app said threats to block the app “won’t bear fruit. The travel booking site said about 880,000 payment cards were affected. Finding a job or saving democracy: Blockchain to the rescue? Blockchain is the storage technology behind Bitcoin and many of the other non-sovereign currencies. But its applications are much broader.

Here are two that may provide your next gig – or save democracy. The Russian-linked Cambridge Analytica scammed 50 million US Facebook users for their data. The right-wing, voter-profiling company then used their information to target Americans with personalized anti-Clinton and pro-Trump propaganda. More people are being targeted in business email fraud attacks — and information is increasingly the target as well as cash. The Dark Web: How much is your bank account worth? Researchers explore just how much our bank accounts, identities, and more are worth to customers in the web’s underbelly.

Australia’s Information and Privacy Commissioner is ‘making inquiries’ to clarify if any personal information of Australians was involved in Cambridge Analytica’s misuse of Facebook user data. Unauthorised access to accounts — gained through ‘credential stuffing’ attacks — was discovered during security monitoring, says parent company Camelot. Researchers believe a new encryption technique may be key to maintaining a balance between user privacy and government demands. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, a VPN is still one of the best ways to protect yourself on the big, bad internet. One of these could be your best bet. From today’s rock stars of innovation to tomorrow’s hidden gems, these 18 technologies have the greatest potential to transform the world over the next decade.

Everybody knows that 12345 is a bad password. If you suspect that Facebook knows far too much about you, configure these security and privacy settings to send Facebook only the information you want to send. Dozens of data breaches, millions of people affected. From the tech giants that let fake news run amok, to the ridesharing company that had an Uber-bad run, these were the year’s most notable disappointments. You have much less privacy online that you might realise.

Here’s how you can conserve your battery power with the latest software update. This is how you do it. If you are looking for a hidden GPS or Bluetooth tracking tag to monitor and locate your lost items, have a look at these. Take steps to protect your smart home gadgets by implementing and adopting a hardware-led approach that sees security embedded from the ground up. A quick look at this week’s top reviews, including the Amazon Fire HD 8 to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Business email compromise schemes are broadening their reach.

Attackers can use a protocol bug in Windows RDP to steal session authentication and take over a network domain. Those behind the campaign are tailoring the Monero cryptojacking malware to use a limited amount of CPU power in order to evade infections being detected. The consequences of security lapses in connected health devices could be serious, research has warned. Poor security practice, shared passwords and vulnerabilities in software increasingly aid attackers access treasure troves of sensitive personal data, warns report. The complex malware infects PCs via files downloaded from compromised routers. Softvison, explains how blockchain is disrupting retail, makes recommendations on promising applications, and lists best practices when evaluating and experimenting with blockchain. Researchers find a technique to contain the memcached amplification attacks seen over the past week.

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