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If you are new here please head over to this very first tutorial in this training series. Automation testing involves the use of a separate testing tool which lets you create test scripts which can be executed repeatedly and doesn’t require any manual intervention. What are the benefits of Automation Testing? Why should Selenium be selected as a test tool? Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. What are the different Selenium components? Selenium is one of the most popular automated testing suites.

Selenium is designed in a way to support and encourage automation testing of functional aspects of web-based applications and a wide range of browsers and platforms. Due to its existence in the open source community, it has become one of the most accepted tools amongst the testing professionals. Selenium is not just a single tool or a utility, rather a package of several testing tools and for the same reason, it is referred to as a Suite. Each of these tools is designed to cater different testing and test environment requirements. Selenium IDE is a record and playback tool.

It is distributed as a Firefox Plugin. It also allows executing test scripts within the large spectrum of browsers. Selenium Grid is used to distribute your test execution on multiple platforms and environments concurrently. What are the testing types that can be supported by Selenium?

What are the limitations of Selenium? Reports can only be generated using third-party tools like TestNG or JUnit. As Selenium is a free tool, thus there is no ready vendor support through the user can find numerous helping communities. The user is expected to possess prior programming language knowledge. The tool comes with a large range of drivers for WAP based testing.

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Selenium IDE is fast as it is plugged in with the web-browser that launches the test. Selenium Core which in turn communicates with the browser. When should I use Selenium IDE? Selenium IDE is the simplest and easiest of all the tools within the Selenium Package. Its record and playback feature make it exceptionally easy to learn with minimal acquaintances to any programming language.

Selenium IDE is an ideal tool for a naïve user. Selenese is the language which is used to write test scripts in Selenium IDE. What are the different types of locators in Selenium? The locator can be termed as an address that identifies a web element uniquely within the webpage. What is the difference between assert and verify commands?