Please forward this error screen to 69. Australian politician who served as the 17th Prime Minister the accidental prime minister book pdf Australia, in office from 1966 until his presumed drowning death.

Holt was born in Sydney, but lived in Melbourne from a young age. He was the first prime minister born in the 20th century. He studied law at the University of Melbourne and eventually opened his own legal practice. When Menzies regained the prime ministership in 1949, Holt became a senior figure in the new government. Holt became prime minister in January 1966, elected unopposed as Liberal leader following Menzies’ retirement.

He fought a general election later that year, winning a landslide victory. After just under two years in office, Holt disappeared while swimming at Cheviot Beach, Victoria, in rough conditions. Holt was born in Sydney on 5 August 1908, in his parents’ home at 58 Cavendish Street, Stanmore. In 1914, Holt’s parents moved to Adelaide, where his father became the licensee of a hotel in Payneham. He and his brother stayed behind in Sydney, living with an uncle and attending Randwick Public School. In 1927, Holt began studying law at the University of Melbourne, living at Queen’s College on a scholarship.

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He was admitted to the Victorian Bar in late 1932, and opened his own legal practice the following year. In 1933, Holt joined the Young Nationalists, the youth wing of the United Australia Party. Holt was 27 when he entered parliament, making him its youngest member. He kept a relatively low profile in his first few years, but spoke on a wide range of topics.