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It is similar to the underground in the UK or the subway in the US. Many first time visitors prefer using taxis, which are a lot more expensive. If you have never used it before, you might find it challenging to figure out which ticket to buy and how to find the right metro lines and directions to your destination, since not much information is translated in English. This first map is a Complete Paris PDF metro map in English, with Landmarks and street names. This is a High resolution file, which is best to upload on mobile devices or on your computer.

It is not suitable for paper print. It is ideal to prepare your metro trips for the day. This PDF puts together Paris metro and RER lines, station names, connections, Paris street names, landmarks, monuments and major buildings. Small printable basic metro and RER map that can be printed on paper to carry in a wallet.

The default printing size will fit onto half a A4 page. This is the right size to carry around and have a plan still readable. It is useful to quickly check the progression of your metro trip during your visit around Paris. Basic RER plan showing the different fare area zones from 1 to 5. RER lines are part of Paris metro network. They are used by the Parisians to commute in and out of the center of the city. RER trains have only 5 lines crossing the city, with a lot fewer stations.

This means they are a lot faster than metro lines to cross Paris from side to side. There are two very useful apps to help you easily navigate Paris metro. They are free apps published by the company that runs Paris metro lines, RATP. Both apps are available on Iphones, Ipads and Android devices. The nice advantage over a PDF or paper map is that they will indicate your current position on the metro plan. It works offline with the build in GPS of your device, so you don’t have to pay for a mobile Internet connection.