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Which gear list is right for you? How much food should I take? X or Samsung Galaxy S8 outperform a conventional GPS in almost every way. Why a Smartphone is the Best Backpacking GPS for trips worldwide For starters, a large screen smartphone just plain works.

A, Patagonia, Turkey, Australia, Europe, and a canoe trip down the length of the Mighty Mississippi River. And Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy work well too. Maps on the better smartphone Apps like GAIA GPS are stunningly sharp and legible. The best example of this is GAIA GPS’ full line of National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps. These are the most trusted and highly-rated maps available for America’s top outdoor destinations. They give you current trails, distances, and other official park info.

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USGS TOPO maps where this info is 50 years out of date or just missing. Even in Airplane Mode, your smartphone will communicate with GPS Satellites to get your location, just the same as a conventional handheld GPS like a Garmin. That is, your smartphone has a  built-in antenna and GPS chip for getting your location from GPS satellites. DO need to pre-download maps to your App for it to work properly in the backcountry. GPS tracks into your smartphone before your trip. Critically, you can’t download maps for offline use—so it’s a non-starter for backcountry use. Here more on GAIA Free vs.

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