This webpage contains links to sources related to W. Du Bois’s Encyclopedia Africana as well as his works and activism relevant to Pan-Africanism. The autobiography of kwame nkrumah pdf Bois had long advocated and pursued an encyclopedia project.

I had planned an “Encyclopedia Africana” in 1909 but my leaving Atlanta for New York postponed this project and the World War prevented its renewal. In 1934 I was chosen to act as editor-in-chief of a new project of the Phelps-Stokes Fund to prepare and publish an Encyclopedia of the Negro. In 1961 Du Bois accepted President Nkrumah’s invitation to move to Ghana and work on the Encyclopedia Africana project. The project was underway, but far from being completed by the time of Du Bois’s death in 1963. As mentioned in the above quotation, Du Bois hoped to create the Encyclopedia of the Negro. He sought funding from various philanthropic sources, including the Carnegie Corporation. Fredrick Keppel, the Carnegie Corporation president, came to support the Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal as the lead researcher for a project on U.

In opting to look for a foreigner to do the study, Keppel consciously overlooked another project that was being considered for funding at the time—the Encyclopedia of the Negro. The Lasting Legacy of An American Dilemma. Carnegie Results , Fall 2004, at p. Gunnar Myrdal was chosen by the Carnegie Corporation to receive its funding to conduct research on U. Primary sources by Du Bois related to the Encyclopedia.

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The influence of Du Bois’s encyclopedia idea on others. Related Sources on Pan-Africanism in general. Note that the spelling “Encyclopaedia Africana” is also a possible spelling. Du Bois wrote and received much correspondence on the “Encyclopedia Africana” project and its predecessor, “The Encyclopedia of the Negro.

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