You are being redirected Javascript is required. Please enable javascript before you are allowed to see this page. What is it that filled the souls of many of The enlightenment and why it still matters pdf’s founders with such passionate altruism that they were willing to risk everything they had, including their families, careers, and very lives, for an ideal? Was it their strong convictions in the teachings of Christianity and the Bible?

People like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were avid readers of the great philosophers of the European Enlightenment. They treasured the ideas found in the works of such thinkers as Descartes, Voltaire, Bacon and Locke. One of the cornerstone ideas of the Enlightenment was to give every idea and assumption the test of reason. When they applied reason to religion they found it necessary to strip it of revelation and they ended up with Deism. Deism is belief in God based on reason and nature.

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The differing alleged revelations of the various revealed religions are conspicuously absent from Deism. It is a natural religion as opposed to a revealed religion such as Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Deism first started to evolve when Edward Herbert of England wrote a book called Of Truth in 1624. His book took the position that belief in God can be based on reason, not just revelation. In 1696 the Irish philosopher John Toland wrote Christianity Not Mysterious. This book claimed that both God and God’s revelations were accessible to human reason and that the so called Christian mysteries are nothing but the manipulations of the clergy. These two works broke the taboo of questioning Christian dogma, which was very courageous at the time, for this was the time of the Inquisition.