Published with Permission from: Health Policy Reform, National Schemes and Globalization. While President Clinton’s campaign for universal health care insurance coverage made many headlines, it the finkler question pdf to be enacted.

1981 encouraged states to initiate a variety of reforms for Medicaid through the budget-waiver application process. The term ‘managed care’ has been used to cover a myriad of alternative strategies and tools used by employers, insurers and medical groups to contain costs, improve performance and increase coordination of services for enrolled subscribers of a broad ranged of health care plans. It is presumptuous to answer this question dispassionately. For this reason, in the present essay I proceed rather indirectly so as to enable the reader to arrive at an independent judgment. I begin by sketching the broad features of the French health care system and highlighting its virtues. Evidence indicates that hospitals are losing their place at the apex of the health care system.

The counterpoint to the decline of inpatient bed capacity is the growth of outpatient health services. The per cent of hospital surgical procedures performed on an outpatient basis increased from 16. The increasing consolidation of hospitals has turned the independent community hospital into an organizational dinosaur. In 1980, 72 per cent of hospitals were free-standing, independent institutions. 5 Most of the remaining independent hospitals have joined one form of alliance or another. Consolidation extends to the physician community as well, with the doctor in solo private practice becoming a kind of anachronism – charming, like abandoned villages of the middle ages, but no longer critical either to the technical capabilities of medicine or to the broader health care economy. 1993, this figure had dropped to 37 per cent.

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