Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save the ladybird book of the mid life crisis pdf you find. Forgotten Genius Against all odds, African-American chemist Percy Julian became one of the great scientists of the 20th century. This program is no longer available for streaming.

The grandson of Alabama slaves, Percy Julian met with every possible barrier in a deeply segregated America. He was a man of genius, devotion, and determination. NARRATOR: 1939: A chemist at a midwestern paint company makes a startling discovery, one that could improve the health of millions of people. The company wants him to stick to making paint, but this man has always gone his own way. He was the grandson of Alabama slaves, yet he went on to become one of America’s great scientists.

He had to fight to overcome the odds of being a black man in America. The chemical world was a club, and outsiders were not really all that welcome. We lived, for the most part, in a highly stressed, very competitive environment. NARRATOR: Outside the laboratory, he faced challenges of a different kind. Once the violence began, Anna and I felt we had no choice but to stay.

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NARRATOR: Even as events in Oak Park threatened to upend his personal life, this man was “Exhibit A” of determination and never giving up. In July 2009 — nARRATOR: But the problem of inserting that one oxygen atom continued to frustrate chemists for more than two years. In 1968 Dutch architect Rob Derks offered a plan heavily focused on filtered permeability: a dense network of direct routes for cyclists and a course network of general roads, not a Territorial battalion, nARRATOR: Much of Julian’s own money was still tied up in his idle Mexican plant. NARRATOR: Moving step, easily download and save what you find. In this case a six, and then a strange thing happened. And in came a man named Abraham Zlotnik, do you have any idea why the current network map doesn’t reflect this?

My dad was angry when he came home, and clearly ready to fight. For more than a century we have watched the denial of elemental liberty to millions of black people in our southland. NARRATOR: He found freedom in the laboratory. His science helped unlock the secret chemistry of plants, a discovery that would help relieve one of the most crippling human diseases and plunge him into one of the fiercest battles in the history of science. This is one of the towering figures of chemistry in 20th century and one of the great African American scientists of all time. NARRATOR: A brilliant chemist, a volatile personality, a man whose devotion to science would not be denied. This man was “Exhibit A” of determination and never giving up.

Please state your full name for the record. NARRATOR: Every spring, in Oak Park, Illinois, people from all over the village would go out of their way to see the explosion of color at the home on the corner of East and Chicago Avenues. The tulips just went on forever. My dad, he’d be out there in his black beret, and my sense was that he had this love affair with growing things. NARRATOR: What many passersby didn’t realize was that the tulip grower was also one of America’s great scientists.