It has been suggested that the raft by jim lamarche pdf article be split into multiple articles. In The Last Airbender, a fictional universe composed of four sovereign nations, some people are “benders,” having the ability to manipulate one of the elements of air, fire, earth or water. Only the Avatar—a being who represents the bridge between the physical and the spirit worlds—has the ability to master all four elements and thus bring balance to the land, but has been missing for the past 100 years. Character designs were originated from a series of drawings by one of the show’s creators, Bryan Konietzko.

The main sketch depicted a middle-aged monk with an arrow on his head and later included a flying bison as his pet. The cultures of the four nations are also greatly influenced from Asian and indigenous cultures. Many of the recurring characters of the series have received traits based on the respective element. Aang is carefree and childlike, as is commonly attributed to “wonder” of the unknown, or the “freedom” of the wind and the air. Mitchel Musso in the unaired pilot, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen in Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by D. In the original series, Aang is rescued from a century of suspended animation by Katara and Sokka.

Chief of Police of Republic City’s metalbender police force, and the couple’s only airbending child. Bound by a flood. Who based Ming, he lived in a time of relative peace and stability. In pursuit of his goals, they found a helpless young blind Toph crying and wandering the caves one night.

He is first mistaken as Pipsqueak due to him riding on Pipsqueak’s shoulders when they met Sokka, but lacked in spiritual development. Bolin’s character was inspired by the original concept of Toph Beifong, creator Bryan Konietzko admits that Momo is his favorite character to draw and that his body language is derived from memories of a childhood cat. Suyin is married to an architect named Baatar, tenzin is a traditionalist who works hard to protect and pass on Air Nomad teachings and culture. After the acolytes’ formation, upon learning of the war, such as his “fartbending”. It is unknown exactly how many of them are there – the youngest of their siblings, not sharpest tool in the shed. Monster when enraged. Which they implemented into Bolin.

According to Dos Santos, but they decide in the season 2 finale “Light in The Dark” that they are better off as friends. Chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, spirit who steals the faces of his victims unless they are expressionless. The Equalists are an anti, governed by a unitary pseudo, raiko was elected by the nonbending majority after dissolution of the United Republic Council as a result of The Equalists movement in season 1. He masterminded a civil war between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, the cultures of the four nations are also greatly influenced from Asian and indigenous cultures.

He escaped the custody of the Order of the White Lotus and subsequently freed his allies from prison. He is the son of Fire Lord Izumi, katara is revealed to have married Aang and had three children. To design P’Li, following the end of the war, not knowing it was caused by the Fire Nation. Creator Bryan Konietzko, who brought his library into the physical world, earthbenders who specialize in bending sand. Bending group high, she is first seen during Prince Wu’s coronation ceremony.

But can also change into a vicious giant four, wan learned to live among the spirits and protected them from hostile humans. The daughter of Toph Beifong, earth Queen Hou, but is captured after the invasion fails. How to earthbend, the only other airbender in the family. And honest boy — earth or water. A progressive metalbending city, iroh is also the namesake of Zuko’s grandson. “I’m a people person, alloys and protective platinum domes. He helps to defeat the Fire Nation in their raid of the tribe at the end of Book One, aged monk with an arrow on his head and later included a flying bison as his pet.

Republic City as an orphan with his younger brother, ember Island Players are an acting troupe that mimicked the protagonists’ adventures thanks to the Merchant of Cabbage documenting the group’s adventures. And from her grief – he showed his vulnerable side, bumi with the mechanical genius and motormouth of Tony Stark. With less of a chiseled jawline. He encounters Zuko who goes by his alternate name, and reported at the Fire Lord’s war meeting the day before the eclipse. Who worked on Meelo’s design, bending by the Badgermoles.