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Synonymous with bag — 1st, 2nd, or 3rd base. A player who plays a particular base might be called a sacker. Together the second sacker and the short-stop may be referred to as sackmates because they often coordinate or share the coverage or play at second base. But he is credited with an SAC or S or SH. When a batter hits a fly ball to the outfield which is caught for an out, but a runner scores from 3rd base after tagging up or touching the bag following the catch. The batter is credited with an RBI and is not charged with an at bat.

Also referred to as “sac fly”, abbreviated as SF. A base hit or “base knock”. A squeeze play in which the runner on third waits for the batter to lay down a successful bunt before breaking for home. Contrast this with the suicide squeeze. Class A minor baseball league with teams located mainly in the southeastern United States.

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In the Major League Baseball Draft, a round of drafts that occurs between the first and second rounds, and again between the second and the third, comprising solely compensatory drafts granted to teams that failed to sign their first or second round draft picks of the year before. For instance, if a starting pitcher throws a complete game win or, alternatively, if the pitcher gets a blown save and then his team scores a winning run while he is the pitcher of record, sometimes known as a “vulture win”. He comes into the game with the potential tying run being either on base, at bat, or on deck. He pitches effectively for at least three innings after entering the game with a lead and finishes the game. If the pitcher surrenders the lead at any point, he cannot get a save, even if his team comes back to win. No more than one save may be credited in each game. If a relief pitcher satisfies all of the criteria for a save, except he does not finish the game, he will often be credited with a hold.

Generally, a save situation is when a pitcher enters the game in the seventh inning or later with a lead of three runs or fewer, or with the potential tying run in the on-deck circle. Most of the time, the saving pitcher pitches one or more innings. When a pitcher gets a batter to hit the ball on the handle, and the batter hits the ball weakly or even breaks his bat, the pitcher may be said to have sawed off the bat. If the bat handles are getting “sawed off” in players’ hands or shattering into splinters, it’s because players are ordering bats too thin to withstand the impact of a 90 mile-per-hour fast ball.

A runner on 2nd or 3rd base is in scoring position, as he is presumed to have a good chance to score on a base hit to the outfield. A weakly hit ground ball that eludes the infielders and leads to a base hit. A line drive that is hit extremely hard, perhaps hard enough to knock the glove out of the hand of a fielder or to be so hard that the pitcher cannot get out of the way before he is hit by the ball. A pitch that curves to the same side as the side from which it was thrown. For a right-hand pitcher, the ball would break to the pitcher’s right — it would break “in” to a right-hand hitter.

SYNONYMS: reverse curve, fadeaway, fader, screwgie, scroogie, reverse curveball. To finish off the opposing team and end the game. Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon nearly blew the game with a walk and an error, so he had plenty to celebrate when he then whiffed the dangerous Tampa Bay trio of Carlos Peña, B. 2 seamer, but the rotation shows 4 seams per revolution of the ball. Batters count the number of visible seams to help judge the kind of pitch by its rotation. The period from the first to the last scheduled game of a year.