Moors have Obligations to each other, and others have obligations to Moors. Europe was the story of the moors in spain pdf inhabited by Moors, and was named Europa after Queen Europa, a Moorish Sister.

That division is clearly noted on the map, upon looking at South America and Africa, it fits like a puzzle. Now we know why Tarzan was in the jungle with Africans, yet swinging along the Amazon River, which is located in South America. Students flocked from France, Germany and England to drink from the fountain of learning, which flowed only in the cities of the Moors. Dark Ages were not referring to Moors. Those who Moors civilized, and gave a basis of education, as a matter of obligation and responsibility, eventually became known as the Colonist. A colonist is one who essentially leeches off of another, including the land, resources, etc. To plunder the New World of its treasures was acceptable because it was populated by pagans.

The Constitution is an ongoing agreement to prior agreements. Many think the Constitution voids any previous agreements. If that were the case Article VI would not have been written, and those who sit in the seats of government right now, wouldn’t take an Oath to it, as it is where anyone who sits in the seats of government derive their authority from. As for the Confederation, if you trace that back you will see, it too is based in Divine Principles, and the Confederation was those of the aboriginal people, wherein Confederations include a group or conglomeration of people, or a political jurisdiction of people.

Some of us, did not want to Treat with them, and we were at odds with each other. However, that is like your brothers and sisters disagreeing, and doing something against your preference. This does not mean they are not still your brother or your sister. Friendship, surely exist although denied not only by the occupying European Colonists, for obvious usurping reasons, but is also denied by the descendants of those who authorized it, which is one of the greater points and purpose of this writing. Some unconscious Moors continue to claim to be  descendants of negros, coloreds, blacks, African-Americans, etc.

Some make these claims anyway out of ignorance. It is way past time to stop claiming those brands. There is NO SUCH thing as Ancient Black People. Black is however, a description, it is not an identity. What the people, particularly the youth, are fed up with, is being called something different every 20 to 30 years. A thinking mind of a child can see that confusion exist. Most of us certainly feel the pain of the conquest intent, and most of us say we wish to do something about it, to be in the struggle for change.

The Truth is not comfortable for most. As Drew Ali said “The Nations don’t want the Truth because it is too stern”. Ignorance of these facts do not make them an untruth, nor will the truth pass away. Star Spangled Banner — not star spangled flag.

The Treaty and the Constitution for the United States of North America Republic, are equally valid today. One cannot be acknowledged without the other. 50 years for any adjustments, or amendments. It was revisited in 1836, the only change was those who were present, as the Sultan had passed form, and his Son was present on his behalf. As soon as one goes past the 17th century, prior to those brands, they enter immediately into Moorish History, all over the World. These Ancient Laws are derived from the Matriarchal, Natural Law, for commonality of all.

This is why the Constitution on one hand, is referred to as one of the oldest and ancient documents, and on the other hand, people think it came about only for and by the European Colonist, ratified in 1791. The Priniciples of Civilization are Ancient, and many have stood for the preservation of them. Downright murder and theft holds no candle to morals, ethics and truth. Constitution for the United States of America, as stated in the Preamble. Failure to acknowledge and honor your own unalienable rights, allows for others to violate them, and has caused great degradation to man and mankind.

This continued dishonor can only be rectified by the originators, the aboriginal and indigenous people of the planet, who have a RESPONSIBILITY and OBLIGATION! Hopefully it will put an end to any confusion regarding “free white persons”. It is also important to note that the word Moor is a transitive word. Moors were the first to navigate upon the waters, as well they call wetlands — the Moorlands, or the Moor.