Red pandas have always lived in the shadow the whistle echoes pdf the other, more famous panda. But now it’s time to give the little guy its due. Currently, red pandas live in the Eastern Himalayas.

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But the first red panda fossil was found a little bit further afield than that—in the United Kingdom. It might seem like an oxymoron, but carnivore in this case doesn’t mean meat eater. Carnivore is a biological order that includes groups like bears, dogs, and cats, and while these animals are generally carnivores, some are omnivores, and some are vegetarians. Red pandas are classified as carnivores because they’re descended from the same ancestors as the other carnivores, but they rarely eat anything other than bamboo and a few insects. They’re slightly bigger than a domestic cat.

But their tails add as much as 18 inches to their length. Red pandas live solitary lives in trees, high up in the mountains, so they wrap those big, bushy tails around themselves to keep warm. Because both pandas have false thumbs—which is actually an extended wrist bone—it was thought that it must be an adaption to eating bamboo. But the red panda’s more carnivorous ancestors had this feature as well. Rusty the red panda had been at the Smithsonian National Zoo for just three weeks when he made a break for it in June 2013. A tree branch that was pushed down over his enclosure’s electric fence by heavy rains.