This is a good game but when it comes to replicating a F1 race it just does not thunder perfect mind pdf right. THUNDER ALLEY did a better job with NASCAR. Since I am a fan of formula 1 I have played the game over a hundred times. I had worn our the original counters and had to order a new set.

I have changed my mind about the game and upgraded the rating to 5 stars. It does a better job of replicating formula one races than I had originally thought. That said, at the end of the day, the question is: “is the game fun? Not sure what the rationale on that was.

I’m anxious to try GP out. Odd thing about the car counter sheet. It says “Front” on both sides and is a bit hard to tell one side from the other. Will probably add a black stripe to the backs since there will be a few libations consumed each session. Looking forward to real F1 teams and tracks – current and historical.

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