Three variations of Rothman’s illustrations will appear on subways, bike shelters, ferries, street light poles, and in print and digital media citywide. For the month of August, Rothman’s temporary public art signage project, will be presented on street light poles along the Citi Summer Streets route. Rothman was inspired tiffany’s table manners pdf event runners, cyclists, musicians, people doing yoga, playing basketball, jumping rope and more.

These clever signs invite Citi Summer Streets participants to take action and get fit on the streets of NYC. Ticketing is offered on the hour so participants are encouraged to arrive early to secure a spot. Tickets will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Though we strive to have all programming be accessible, there are some activations, like this one, where access is not feasible. We do encourage persons with disabilities to enjoy our many other accessible activations.

Yes, participants must register at 71st Street each Summer Streets Saturday and are encouraged to arrive before 8 am to secure a timeslot as this activation is expected to draw large crowds. Colored bracelets will be distributed to denote the registered timeslot. Bracelets are only good on the date and time indicated. REGISTRATION How much does it cost to participate? RIDING Are there any age, height or weight restrictions? If you’re under 18 years of age, you will need to obtain a sign off from your parents or guardian. The maximum weight restriction per participant is 330 lbs.

Though we strive to have all programming accessible, there are some activations, like this one, in which accessibility is not feasible. All participants must wear appropriate attire such as: bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts and cover-ups at all times. No shoes, caps, eyeglasses, jewelry, purses, jeans or clothing with rivets are allowed inside the inflatable. What do I bring with me? There will be small cubbies available on-site to store shoes but plan to bring a friend who can hold larger belongings, or leave them at home! The City of New York and LG are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Can my child ride with me?

Unsupervised use by children is prohibited. The maximum number of participants at any given time is 38 people. The maximum weight per participant is 330 lbs. No jeans or clothing with rivets or buckles are allowed.

Shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, caps and purses are not allowed in the inflatable. Food, drinks, chewing gum and silly strings are not allowed in the inflatable. No person having any contagious disease or infectious condition such as: sores or inflamed eyes, a cold, nasal or ear discharge, cuts, boils or other evident skin or other bodily infection shall enter the slide. Urinating, expectorating or blowing the nose, or allowing human waste is prohibited. No person under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior shall enter the slide.

No running is allowed on the line queue or within the inflatable at any time. Bouncing is not allowed on the entry ramp, or at the slide landing area. No running, climbing, leaning or hanging from the inside or outside walls and balustrades. Flipping, tumbling, piling on, wresting or rough play is not allowed. If the inflatable begins to deflate, exit the inflatable immediately. No pets allowed on the inflatable. No glass permitted on the inflatable.

Keep your hands inside of the inflatable. Follow the instructions of the attendant or lifeguard. Emergency telephone number for police, fire, and hospital is 911. Neighborhood Wish Map What does your neighborhood need? On Saturday, August 12th and 19th, join Hunter College Urban Planning students as they collaboratively map community needs and wishes to create a crowd-sourced vision for improving New York City.

On Saturday, August 5th, stop by our booth to practice putt-putt, one of the many free sports programs we lead in parks across New York City! Filipino illustrator Kerby Rosanes, and more. We’ll have local experts from the Appalachian Mountain Club available to help you find your connection to the outdoors, demonstrating all of the various opportunities the AMC provides to get educated, conserve, and recreate in nature. You’ll also have opportunities to test your skills and knowledge by setting up campsite components and answering trivia.