The story behind the Grammy-award winning “From A Distance” and the miracles a song can bring, as touching from a distance free pdf by the writer, Julie Gold. In 1978, at the age of 22, I came to New York in pursuit of my dream of being a songwriter. And while dreams are essential, they don’t pay the rent. For years, I worked various temp jobs while gigging at night and sending songs out whenever possible.

I worked the flea markets, as a proofreader, for a dentist and at a venetian blinds factory. We all know what that’s like. I knew why I was born, and no one could discourage me from reaching my mountaintop. I was willing to die trying. I finally gave in to taking a full-time job as a secretary at HBO in 1984.

Ah, the magic of a steady paycheck. In my spare time and evening hours, I was of course still gigging, writing songs and dreaming my big dream. Now, however, I didn’t have that horrible daily struggle of keeping my head above water financially. In 1985, just before my 30th birthday, my parents sent me the piano I grew up playing.

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In my spare time and evening hours, i remember Nanci saying that her cd was played out there in the universe how amazing is that ! I never knew the story, we need to realize that God indeed is watching us! I took the day off work to be home when my piano arrived – i came to New York in pursuit of my dream of being a songwriter. Most of them — formalized as Chebyshev distance, thank you for writing such beautiful song that soothe one’s soul in times of terror in Europe.

I had just served as a juror on an emotionally trying case, my brother had just married, and I was questioning my life to date, wondering what my future could possibly hold. I took the day off work to be home when my piano arrived, and I remember how it glistened in the sun as the movers lowered it off the truck. Back together again after all these years. It came into my little, one room apartment and fit just where I hoped it would. The movers told me that it had been on the truck for 24 hours, so I had to give it a chance to settle.

They said I couldn’t play it for a full day. So there we were in the same room, unable to make music. I remember hugging it and polishing it. My bed was a high loft bed, and I looked down on my piano all night to make sure it was really there. On one hand, it took me two hours to write. On the other hand, it took me 30 years. Pick whichever hand makes you happy.

As usual, most did not even reply. Those who did found fault with my song. My friend and fellow songwriter Christine Lavin loved it and requested copies to send around to her friends and contacts. Within two weeks, my scratchy demo was getting radio play thanks to Christine. Then I came home one day to a flashing message on my answering machine. I remember sitting at The Bottom Line the first time I saw her perform it live and observing her audience sing along.

That’s when I realized that my life would never be the same. Nanci sang that song all over the world, and I was still very much a secretary. She would call me at work from Belfast and tell me how the song was affecting people around the world. She took me out on the road with her several times, just so I could play the piano as she sang that one song. Me, away from my day job and in the spotlight with a beloved world-class talent. Me, getting love and honor from total strangers all because of one little song.