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Often pupils are very quick to tell me that they find algebra difficult before even giving it a try, but when introduced to it in the right way they are amazed that it was actually far easier than they thought. I have tried to include as many adaptable resources as possible so that they can be easily adapted to provide more challenge. Every time I use this resource someone in my department will ask me to send it to them. Quick multiple choice quiz on the basic rules of algebra, which is then followed by a code cracker activity using basic substitution. This resource builds up pupils’ skills, from finding missing numbers to using inverse operations to solve one step equations. This second version also includes two step equations and equations with x on both sides, but both versions are easily adaptable to suit the needs of your class.

This catchphrase game can be used by asking pupils to find the next two terms of each sequence as suggested, or to find the nth term of a sequence. An engaging resource that can be used at any stage of a lesson. My classes love using Top Trumps in their lessons and these are particularly eye catching as they have comic book characters on them. Differentiated into red, amber and green sets, but all using level 4-5 questions so even the most challenging is not too daunting for weaker groups. Unlike many other Top Trumps I have found online, this resource is a word file so it can easily be used as a template to make your own set of Top Trumps cards.

Some pupils find it easier to grasp algebra using symbols first and then progressing to letters. This worksheet provides that vital confidence boosting practise that some of them need to convince them they can do algebra after all. For the first part of the worksheet pupils must work out the value of the symbol used and a final page gives potential for substitution practice. This excel file randomly generates expressions to be simplified. Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? Personally, I don’t see any reason why this resource should be restricted to Halloween. It provides a recap of several algebra topics.

I would recommend putting each sheet up as a poster and getting pupils to work in small groups to solve the problems around the room. 5 if your class needs a bit more of a challenge. A race track game for pupils to play in pairs using dice and counters. It uses number operations but also includes a blank version of the track where pupils can write the instructions as algebraic expressions. Another option would be to get pupils to write in their own expressions on a track for another pair to play the game on.