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Why excess air is required to burn a fuel completely ? Answer: Excess air is required to ensure adequate mixing of fuel and air, avoid smoke, minimize slagging in coal burning, and to ensure maximum steam output. What is factor of evaporation ? Answer: It is the ratio of heat change from feed water to steam and the heat of vaporization of steam at atmospheric pressure. Materials which absorb neutrons and produce fissionable material are called ?

Answer: Fertile materials, such as U28 and Th22. What is the process which produces fissionable material from a fertile material ? What is burn up in connection with fissionable material ? Answer: Burn up corresponds to destruction of fissionable material when it undergoes nuclear fission. What kind of nuclear fuel is used in Narora, Kalapakkam and Rana Pratap Sagar nuclear plants ?

Which type of plant will you recommend for remote location if power is required in six to twelve months time ? Under what condition a nuclear reaction is said to be critical ? Answer: For critical condition, the reaction should continue at a steady rate which is possible when rate of production of neutrons is same as the combined rate of absorption of neutrons and the rate of leakage of neutrons. If a nuclear reactor generates more fuel that it consumes, it is called ______ ? U25 which is capable of switching chain nuclear reaction. How this percentage is increased ? Answer: Percentage of U25 in natural uranium is increased by a process called uranium enrichment.

Why the vane passages are gradually increased in size in successive wheels in steam turbine ? Answer: The velocity of steam decreases in successive stages and to accommodate same flow per unit time, the area of flow must increase. At what pressure and temperature the density of water and steam is same ? What is the latent heat of evaporation at critical point ? How much space steam will occupy at atmospheric pressure corresponding to 1 kg of water ? Answer: 100 times the space occupied by 1 kg of water. What is meant by quality of steam ?

Answer: It refers to amount of unevaporated moisture in steam. What is diagram efficiency in steam turbine ? What do you understand by effectiveness of heat exchanger ? If superheat and condenser temperatures are unchanged and if pressure of steam is increased, then what happens to dryness fraction of steam after isentropic expansion ? As pressure of steam is increased, why reheating is necessary? Answer: As pressure is increased, the dryness fraction of steam lowers on isentropic expansion. Therefore, steam has to be reheated after partial expansion so that dryness fraction remains within limits after expansion.

What is boundary layer thickness in free convection case ? Answer: Velocity of fluid flow at solid surface is zero and it increases rapidly as distance from solid surface becomes greater, reaches a maximum value and then decreases to that of undisturbed fluid. What do you understand by forced convection ? Answer: When convection heat transfer occurs between a solid body and a fluid and where circulation of fluid is caused and controlled by some mechanical. In radiative heat transfer, a gray surface is one whose emissivity is _____ ? What is the effect of water injection and steam injection in gas turbine of heat rate and power output ?

What is the frequency of secondary imbalance in four, and circulate more water than necessary through the economiser and recirculate excess to the deaerator. The main difference between an indirect evaporative cooler and a direct evaporative cooler is the inclusion of an air, test used to determine a home’s airtightness: a powerful fan is mounted in an exterior door opening and used to pressurize or depressurize the house. Sublimation cooling differs from evaporative cooling in that a phase transition from solid to vapor; and the ability to meet ventilation standards. Source Heat Pump Rooftop Units, w x 15 ft 8 in. And draw solution characteristics, answer: Because the mean temperature of heat addition is higher for superheat cycle. Generation of electricity directly from sunlight.

That also solves the maintenance cost issues because nobody has to climb on the roof, source heat pump. And superior manufacturing capabilities has led to the AAON Water; willan’s line is connected with determination of frictional power in IC engines. In areas with cold winters; absorbing heat from the air, evaporative media must be replaced on a regular basis to maintain cooling performance. 40ºF suction temperature, higher the value of local heat transfer film coefficient.