Linear regression was the first type of regression analysis to be studied rigorously, and to be used extensively in practical applications. This is because models which depend linearly on their unknown parameters are easier to fit than models which are non-linearly related to their parameters and because the statistical properties two way anova example problems with solutions pdf the resulting estimators are easier to determine.

Linear regression has many practical uses. Conversely, the least squares approach can be used to fit models that are not linear models. Thus, although the terms “least squares” and “linear model” are closely linked, they are not synonymous. The decision as to which variable in a data set is modeled as the dependent variable and which are modeled as the independent variables may be based on a presumption that the value of one of the variables is caused by, or directly influenced by the other variables. Alternatively, there may be an operational reason to model one of the variables in terms of the others, in which case there need be no presumption of causality. Usually a constant is included as one of the regressors.

Many statistical inference procedures for linear models require an intercept to be present, so it is often included even if theoretical considerations suggest that its value should be zero. Standard linear regression models with standard estimation techniques make a number of assumptions about the predictor variables, the response variables and their relationship. Generally these extensions make the estimation procedure more complex and time-consuming, and may also require more data in order to produce an equally precise model. Example of a cubic polynomial regression, which is a type of linear regression.

This means, for example, that the predictor variables are assumed to be error-free—that is, not contaminated with measurement errors. Note that this assumption is much less restrictive than it may at first seem. The predictor variables themselves can be arbitrarily transformed, and in fact multiple copies of the same underlying predictor variable can be added, each one transformed differently. This makes linear regression an extremely powerful inference method. This is to say there will be a systematic change in the absolute or squared residuals when plotted against the predictive variables. Errors will not be evenly distributed across the regression line.

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