Please forward this error screen to 193. Our product range comprises heat exchanger tubes in various u tube heat exchanger pdf alloys, fin tubes, corrugated tubes, heat technology products, and more.

Our product range comprises heat exchanger tubes as seamlessly drawn smooth tubes in various copper alloys in all relevant dimensions. High-precision surfaces and dimensions form the basis for the exceptional quality of our products. Our ability to supply tubes in fixed lengths eliminates the unnecessary waste entailed when customers must cut tubes to size. Even copper alloys are still undergoing a process of continuous improvement to optimize their corrosion and erosion resistance. MPG is one of the few suppliers in the world able to manufacture tubes up to a length of 984 inch. Condenser tubes can also be bent into a u-bended upon request.

This ensures optimal heat transfer. Cooling and heating of liquid and gaseous media such as water, oil, steam, air, coolants and others. Fin tubes type N and M are also available in a bimetallic version. Corrugated tubes are made of thin-walled smooth tubes in various materials. Using a special manufacturing process, the outer and inner surfaces are embossed with spiral grooves all around. Corrugated or cross-corrugated tubes also allow for better condensation run-off or for the targeted build-up of a liquid film on the outer side of the tube. MPG high-performance fin tubes, type HCI, are based on precision- made smooth tubes.

The fins are formed without cutting, meaning that tube and fins are all one piece. The special structure of the outer and inner tube surfaces of MPG highperformance fin tubes affords optimal heat performance and the right properties for minimizing the use of materials and coolants. The three-dimensional moulded shape of the fins promotes better run-off of the condensate from the cooling surface. Interior structures minimize the depth of the laminar boundary layer and increase turbulence. The formation of the inner and outer surfaces is coordinated to provide a substantial increase in the tubes’ thermal performance. Bimetallic tubes combine the positive properties of different materials for use in various media. When using materials that can be hazardous to human health or to the environment, safety always comes first.

Bimetallic tubes, in the form of fin tubes, are a safe and economical solution for heat transfer in aggressive media, since expensive, corrosion-resistant materials can be combined with less expensive ones. Spiral channel tubes, if desired incl. Naturally, we engineer these components in close collaboration with our customers to ensure their optimal adaptation to future requirements and efficiency. As energy resources become ever scarcer and thus more expensive, the rational conversion of energy using heat transfer takes on central economic importance. MPG products can contribute to optimizing heat transfer processes, thereby increasing efficiency.

Take advantage of our wide-ranging knowledge in the optimization, design and construction of heat exchangers. We can demonstrate the tangible efficiency benefits offered by our energy-generation products by measuring the performance of prototypes in our heat technology laboratory. Please forward this error screen to 145. Please forward this error screen to 145. SEC manufactures all types of heat exchangers. From small brazed plate models to large plate and frame series. Custom installations in all environments.

SEC supplies 12 large plate and frame heat exchangers to a new dairy processing facility in Eastern Canada. Several models are 9 feet tall with more than 450 plates per exchanger. SEC supplies sanitary designs with stainless steel frames and specialized connections. Heat exchangers are used in industrial, commercial, beverage, marine, institutional, food, mining, cryogenic, refrigeration, district heating, HVAC and energy production processes.

A Heat exchanger transfers energy from one fluid to another fluid. The use of an SEC heat exchanger ensures that this transfer will take place in the most efficient and technically advanced way possible. Overall efficiency of the installation will be increased and the cost of the heat exchanger system is quickly recovered in energy cost savings. SEC is able to manufacture and supply many different types of heat exchangers for various applications from very small brazed plate heat exchangers to very large plate and frame or shell and tube models. The large monel lined titanium tube heat exchangers shown in the photo above were supplied to our client in 18 weeks.

A production time that no other manufacturer could achieve. We will work with you to calculate the exact type and size of heat exchanger that will work most efficiently in your facility at the best price. We manufacture all design styles of heat exchangers including shell and tube, brazed plate, plate and frame, non-metallic, shell and disc, and boiler economizers. The materials SEC uses for the manufacture of heat exchangers are stainless-steel, titanium, copper, and most alloys. Our designs encompass single and double wall technology. U’ and coiled tube designs.