New year’s resolutions have never worked for me — in fact, I don’t know if they’ve ever really worked for anyone. They always sound like a list of rules that I know I will break by the unravel me pdf online of January. They feel like a superficial fix to me. They feel bossy and rigid — I want to be inspired not instructed.

Which is why I believe choosing a word as a guiding light for the new year works better because it feels so much more EXPANSIVE. In the nine years I’ve been choosing a word for the year, my life has certainly changed for the better. Some of my previous words proved to be wildly empowering — BRAVE, EXPAND and OPEN were all dynamically useful words that helped me create change in my life. Other words have been less helpful: COMPASSION, for example, was a bit of a cop-out in 2011. NOURISH supported me through surgery in 2015 and the long recovery afterwards. The more I do this practice the more I understand why it’s such a valuable thing to do each year.

I also know that sometimes we need a hand uncovering our just-right word, so I created Find Your Word to help you find YOUR word for 2018. Find Your Word is a FREE 5-day email course to help you figure out your word for the coming year. If we haven’t met before I’m Susannah. I help people trust, know and express themselves better by sharing the tools that helped me heal my own heart and live a self-directed life. There is something about you, your voice, how you write that is utterly compelling and I adore every single sentence and every single thing you create.

I know how your voice sounds so when I read what you have written I simultaneously hear your voice and it is so soothing, like fine-tuned music. You simply feel like you — a real person. Not a marketing machine based on a five step template. To be honest, I hate newsletters in my inbox.

They are so open, generous, insightful, warm. Your transparency and sensitivity is, quite frankly, irresistible. I see a kindred spirit in you — in a way that I don’t have or find in people around me. I think you are a brave soul, too. Brave because you haven’t become hardened by life circumstances. That takes tremendous courage and single-mindedness.

All of this comes across in your Love Letters. Susannah, you are truly one of the most authentic people I have come across. You are an inspiration and have touched my heart in ways that I wasn’t expecting. I am grateful for your presence.

Your Love Letters always raise a smile. I always want to take the time to read them. I’m an author, photographer and teacher who’s been sharing her heart online for over a decade. As a lifelong journaler there’s just no way I can let the end of a year go by without marking it in some way. I want to take stock and look at the light and dark, the surprises and challenges, the fun stuff and the bits I gritted my teeth through.

And then, when I feel I’ve given the passing year a thorough assessment I want to start weaving my intentions for the shiny new year heading my way! There is something incredibly magical about writing things down. This is the ninth year I’ve created and shared the Unravel Your Year workbook and I’ll warn you now — this is powerful stuff! My favourite thing to do in December is look back over the previous year’s workbook to see which intentions I managed to manifest. Past me could see a glimpse of future me as she sat and doodled in the margins, pondering where she wanted to be and how she wanted her new year to look.

Over the years I’ve discovered the trick is to stay wide open to epiphanies and possibilities. This year the workbook has a new design but holds the same content so you can compare your answers from last year if you wish. I’ve added a sweet little oracle just for fun, and we’ve incorporated the calendar and monthly reflection prompts into the workbook so you’ll have a reason to check back in every month. I’m hoping this will keep us mindful throughout the year. To clarify: it’s not about hitting goals, it’s about moving in the direction of your intentions.