A mysterious trillion dollar lawsuit filed on November 23, 2011 in the U. District Von daniken chariots of the gods pdf for the Southern District of New York, claims that 134. 5 billion dollars worth of gold was secretly given to the U. 1930s by the then Nationalist government of China for safekeeping.

The lawsuit claims that 1934 U. Federal Reserve notes were issued to the Chinese government, and the gold transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank. What makes the lawsuit worth paying attention to is that involves the unresolved June 2009 case of two Japanese citizens caught on a train in Italy while traveling to Switzerland with 134. 5 billion dollars in US Federal Reserve notes, bonds and other financial instruments.

The ultimate goal of this globally coordinated project is to comprehensively deal with a subject so vast and complex as to dwarf the resources of any one nation – extraterrestrial life and technology. District Court lawsuit has aroused considerable controversy over its authenticity and the ownership of the 134. 5 billion in Federal Reserve notes, bonds and other financial instruments. The lawsuit was filed by William Mulligan Jr and Justin Gardner from Bleakley Platt and Schmidt, a reputable New York law firm. Importantly, neither of the two parties contesting ownership of the bonds dispute their validity. The core claim of the November 2011 District Court filing is that the bonds apprehended in Chiasso, Italy in June 2009 by the Italian financial police were genuinely issued by the Roosevelt administration in exchange for gold deposited by the Nationalist Government of China some time before the Japanese invasion on July 7, 1937. During this period, China was partly occupied by Japanese troops and there was a fear of China being overrun by the Japanese.

The lawsuit goes on to claim that the 134. 5 billion dollars of gold given to the U. 1700 per ounce, this comes out to approximately 10 trillion U. Thousands of trillions would be gold reserves of approximately 20 million metric tons or more. Japan, and subsequently taken out of mainland China by the Kuomintang prior to the Communist takeover in 1949.

Here is how the lawsuit describes the actual transfer of the gold and roles played by the U. Foreign Gold held by the Treasury was also surrendered to and thus leased to the Federal Reserve, which resulted in the issuance of the series of 1934 Notes by the Federal Reserve. These Dragon Family FRNs have never been redeemed and, upon information and belief, the accrued interest was met by the subsequent issue of certain 1968 series of Kennedy Bonds. Notes were printed to appear as if they were not produced from official origin and bear obvious imperfections, therefore easily deniable.

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