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The retired and veteran men and women of the Oregon National Guard represent a culmination of years of commitment and dedication. This is a very good briefing that provides Soldiers and Family members information on retirement programs, benefits and entitlements. It contains the background and process you need to know to retire from military service. If you have questions, please contact the Oregon National Guard RSO office at 503. They can assist you or direct you to other specialists that can help you.

Remember that “YOUR RETIREMENT” is a process NOT an event! This is a very good source of information to help prepare yourself in your plans to retire from Military Service. This guide is designed for anyone with an interest in how a member of the Army National Guard can earn retirement points credit, qualify for retired pay for non-regular service, apply for retired pay, and all the many factors that affect each of these areas. The rules, links, and references are not the definitive answer on any subject covered here. Informative briefing for the RC soldier with 20 years of qualifying reserve service for retirement provide a portion of their retirement pay to survivors if they die before Non-regular Reserve Retirement. These links provide a wealth of information regarding retirement and separation topics such as point valuation, AGR Retirement, pay calculators and formulas and much more.

See your retired military LES, make allotment changes, print out your 1099R for taxes and more. 1080 or visit their website here. See your civil service retired pay, change your withholding, allotments, print 1099R for taxes and much more. Apply online for retirement benefits or review benefit entitlements.

Under certain circumstances, special extra earnings for military service from 1957 through 2001 can be credited to your record for Social Security purposes. These extra earnings credits may help you qualify for Social Security or increase the amount of your Social Security benefit. Download or look at benefits book offered by the Veterans Administration. A complete listing of all VA benefits with detailed information and contacts.

This is a good source for free handbooks that provide subjects about pay, benefits, retirement planning, education, and more. This website provides a list of benefits for health, education, jobs, home loans, and more. Search here for many possible State of Oregon benefits. Excellent guide to survivor benefits that can be downloaded.

Information about the Army Retirement Service Office program and benefits available to Army Veterans and National Guard. Click here for an updated list of DEERS locations. They can assist you with ID cards, legal services, Tricare, financial, crisis intervention, death of a retiree, and community information. If you cannot get your records from the Oregon National Guard, then you can start your search from the National Archives record center at this website. Oregon, to serve the needs of Service Members and their Families by providing Six Essential Services.

The FAS offers information and referral service to all Service Members, their Families, and retired service members regardless of branch of service or duty status. TRICare assistance is one of the six services provided. Please report the retired service member’s death as soon as possible. This will help avoid delay and possible financial hardship to surviving beneficiaries, family members or executors, who will be required to return any unearned military retirement payments. Eligibility for military retired pay ends with the death of the retiree. Complete a Notification of Death form by calling 800-321-1080. Upon notification, DFAS will stop monthly payments to prevent overpayment.

If you cannot complete the Notification of Death form, call DFAS at 800-321-1080. Please have the decedent’s Social Security Number and the date of death when you call. If you need assistance completing your claim forms, please call 800-321-1080. Please note that these services are not available at all military installations. Shades of green is operated by the Armed Forces Recreation Center by the U. Army in support of all the branches of the U. It is located on Walt Disney Resort, Orlando, Florida.

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