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You can also try downloading the score rather than opening it directly in your browser. In Netscape or Internet Explorer for Windows, right-click on the “Having trouble viewing this score” link, and select “Save Target As”. Once you have the file on your local hard drive, you can try opening it directly. Why do the scores have funny shapes where the notes should be? The most likely reason is that you have an old version of Adobe Acrobat. You have my permission to make up to 24 copies for personal, non-profit use in live performance and rehearsals.

Future Additions We are considering adding the following features to this site. The purpose of this site is to preserve the rich history of Christmas carols and hymns which might otherwise be lost. The ultimate goal is to have the largest collection of Christmas lyrics and music ever published in the English language. This is an exhaustive and scholarly collection. It’s probably overkill for the average person, and you have to download special software to get most of the sheet music. Searchable, advanced Autoplay feature, free downloads. Biggest site of its kind on the Internet.

This site also requires that you download special software to get the sheet music. Note: do not use the website “cyberhymnal. More than you probably ever wanted to know about “Silent Night”, including 175 different versions in 119 languages. Begun in December 1998, the site has over 300 contributors and 7,600 scores. Locate thousands of free sheet music downloads, lessons, tips, and articles. Privacy Policy Any information we may collect is used only to gather statistics for improving our site. We do not sell, transfer, or otherwise make available this information to any other parties.

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