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Due to ill health I have to retire from Manisa Turkish Webmastering. Nathan will be taking over , so look out for some changes. I wish you well and many thanks for the many inputs and suggestions to inprove Turkish learning over the last 18 years. You can Google the author from the bottom if you wish. Manisa Turkish answers some of the difficulties which Turkish learners may encounter along their way. Wikipedia says: “The best website for learning Turkish with detailed explanations.

Consonant Changes Consonants may change for ease of pronunciation before vowels. Consonant Mutation Suffixes change spelling to harmonize with the parent word. Vowel Harmony The vowels of suffixes must mirror the final vowel of the root word being suffixed. Suffixes of Location These suffixes show motion towards, motion from and static location. Buffer Letters Certain consonants are inserted as “buffers” between vowels. These buffers are always Y, N, S. Verb Tenses Suffixes are added verb stems to indicate its positive or negative form.