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Snuggle up with a book When you hold your baby close and look at a book together, your baby will enjoy the snuggling and hearing your voice as well as the story. Feeling safe and secure with you while looking at a book builds your baby’s confidence and love of reading. Choose baby-friendly books Books with bright and bold or high-contrast illustrations are easier for young babies to see, and will grab their attention. Keep books where your baby can reach them Make sure books are as easy to reach, hold, and look at as toys.

Remember, a baby will do with a book what he does with everything else — put it in his mouth. And that’s exactly what he’s supposed to do, so you may only want to put chewable books within reach. Talk with your baby — all day long Describe the weather or which apples you are choosing at the grocery. Talk about the pictures in a book or things you see on a walk. By listening, your child learns words, ideas, and how language works. Encourage your baby’s coos, growls, and gurgles They are your baby’s way of communicating with you, and are important first steps toward speech. The more your baby practices making sounds, the clearer they will become.

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Go ahead and moo, woof and honk! Encourage your baby to pick up crackers or peas, touch noses and toes, point to pictures and grab toys. The muscles in those little hands will grow strong, agile, and ready to turn pages. Routines can soothe a baby, and let a baby learn to predict what will happen next.

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