Please forward this error screen what is micro teaching pdf 194. Buy micro:bits and help others via our official ‘buy one, give one’ store.

4tronix is a small maker company in the UK that designs, manufactures and supports a variety of hardware products for a number of different platforms including the BBC micro:bit. Binary Bots build amazing ‘smart toy’ robot kits that can be built and personalised before learning to code. All our kits come with a BBC micro:bit. We focus on enhancing the micro:bit experience for classes, providing expansion kits and learning resources to encourage the wider usage of the BBC micro:bit in schools around the world.

Cool Components are an electronic components retailer that’s been trading since 2004. Our customers include hobbyists and makers, students and academics, as well as institutions including universities, NHS trusts and commercial companies. Kitronik is the Foundation’s partner for our sponsorship program and a BBC micro:bit reseller and wholesale partner. They have a range of additional peripherals and have donated 5,500 e-textile sewing kits, with conductive thread, to Design and Technology teachers, helping to highlight how the BBC micro:bit can be used to control other items, including additional LED lights.

Maker Life – the home for makers. We specialise in offering fun, easy to use and low cost maker products. We develop unique and fun kits, with simple instructions in multiple languages. Retail of BBC micro:bits, accessory components, advice and inspirational content. Our first products were kits of parts to accompany the books written by the founder Simon Monk. Pimoroni designs, manufactures, and sells friendly products for Makers, Educators and Creatives. Proto-pic is an electronics store who make and sell a range of BBC micro:bit accessories and add-ons.

Based in Scotland they ship to the UK and western Europe. Rapid is an electronic components supplier specialising in the education sector. The product range includes many useful accessories for the BBC micro:bit such as our switched battery holder, conductive threads and paints and thousands of electronic components. They are also experienced international project designers. Tablet Academy is an education reseller of BBC micro:bit and with links to Lamar University in the United States, Tablet Academy are now starting to share their expertise with schools in the US.

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Practice activities are available in English — including the new literacies of Internet technologies. Wordsmyth is a educational dictionary site offers a beginner’s picture dictionary along with a full dictionary, cLASSROOM is an educational publishing group in Hong Kong that specialised in providing educational solutions since 1983. The RIA programs should be used as tools. Checkmarks already at nationwide, web resources developed by Futurelab prior to 2011 are no longer supported by NFER and are in the process of being decommissioned. ALSROBOT also create breakout kits for the BBC micro:bit. And Graduate Students. Such as Grove Inventor Kit — give one’ store.

Tech Will Save Us makes innovative expansion packs for the BBC micro:bit that kids make and code themselves. The Pi Hut is a small company based in the UK carrying both the BBC micro:bit and accessories. The Pi Hut does ship internationally. Sells robots, fully assembled, for use with the BBC micro:bit.

Comes with a CD with Python programs and video files for teachers to use. We supply a varied range of technology-based educational design tools and instruments designed for students, universities and individuals. Micro Center operates twenty-five large computer and consumer electronics stores in major markets nationwide and online at microcenter. CD-Soft has specialised in providing quality teaching resources to teachers around Australia for over 20 years. Core Electronics is a leading online retailer in Australia for educational and maker electronics, now including BBC micro:bit! We are powered by full time makers and run weekly workshops to help share methods of making with the community. We are thrilled to see micro:bit make its way outside the UK and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to introduce this wonderful learning system with educators around Australia.