Greta is a district in Victoria, Australia, located east of Benalla, in the Rural City of Wangaratta. The district had four villages, all of when victoria laurie pdf were called Greta at some stage. The original township known as Greta, located on Fifteen Mile Creek, is now called Greta West, and was once home to the family of bushranger Ned Kelly.

Following the discovery of gold near Beechworth in 1852, roads to the diggings passed through the Greta area. At that time, the area contained the Greta Swamp, which was later drained. The town site was surveyed at Fifteen Mile Creek in 1852. During the 1860s the land was subdivided into farming lots, used for cereals, cattle grazing, and dairying. In 1867 a Catholic school was established. Greta, Greta South, Greta West, Hansonville, and Fifteen Mile Creek.

Greta Valley and Fifteen Mile School Camp. The nearby town of Benalla was connected to the railway network in 1873, which reduced traffic through the Greta district, and it became principally a farming community. A Methodist church was established in 1878 and an Anglican church in 1890. A public hall was built in 1916. Greta regularly contested the finals over the ensuing decade, but only once, in 1954, under the coaching of Ken Bodger, was it successful in claiming a premiership. The mid-1960s saw the Blues embark on their most sustained period of success to date, contesting five consecutive grand finals between 1964 and 1968, for flags in the middle three years.

All three of these premiership sides were coached by former Moyhu player Maurie Farrell. Geoff Lacey, who would go on to win a Baker Medal in 1984, was in the first of an eventual three season stint as captain-coach, but he proved unable to build on the 1980 success. Indeed, although the Blues fielded some talented teams over the course of the remainder of the decade, it was to be 1993 before they again went top. Opposed in the grand final by archrival Chiltern, Greta was really only supposed to be there to make up the numbers, but ended up winning at a canter by 66 points, 1 9. In addition to its 9 senior flags, Greta has won reserves premierships on 4 occasions.

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