This article whole earth catalog pdf español additional citations for verification. The Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link, normally shortened to The WELL, is one of the oldest virtual communities in continuous operation.

As of June 2012, it had 2,693 members. Gail Ann Williams was hired by Figallo in 1991, as community manager, and has continued in management roles into the current era. From 1994 to 1999 The WELL was owned by Bruce Katz, founder of Rockport, a manufacturer of walking shoes. In April 1999 it was acquired by Salon, several of whose founders such as Scott Rosenberg had previously been regular participants there.

In August 2005 Salon announced that it was looking for a buyer for The WELL, in order to concentrate on other business lines. In November 2006, a press release of The WELL said, “As Salon has not found a suitable purchaser, it has determined that it is currently in the best interest of the company to retain this business and has therefore suspended all efforts to sell The WELL. In June 2012 Salon once again announced that it was looking for a buyer for The WELL as its subscriber base “did not bear financial promise”. Additionally, it announced that it had entered into discussions with various parties interested in buying the well. WELL staff had been laid off at the end of May. In September 2012, Salon sold The WELL to a new corporation, The WELL Group Inc. The CEO was Earl Crabb, who died on February 20, 2015.

Notable items in WELL history include being the forum through which John Perry Barlow, John Gilmore, and Mitch Kapor, the founders of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, first met. The WELL is divided into general subject areas known as “conferences”. These conferences reflect member interests, and include arts, health, business, regions, hobbies, spirituality, music, politics, games, software and many more. Within conferences, members open separate conversational threads called “topics” for specific items of interest. The New York Times, media ethics, and the Luann comic strip. Public” conferences are open to all members, while “private” conferences are restricted to a list of users controlled by the conference hosts, called the “ulist”. WELL’s directory, but are access restricted for privacy or membership-restriction reasons.

Members may request admission to such conferences. Initially all hosts were selected by staff members. In 1995, Gail Williams changed the policies to enable user-created forums. Overall support and supervision of the conferencing services is handled by several staff members, often referred to collectively as “confteam”, the name of the UNIX user account used by staff for conference maintenance. They have more system operational powers than conference hosts, along with the additional social authority of selecting “featured conference” hosts and closing accounts for abuse. WELL members use a consistent login name when posting messages, and a non-fixed pseudonym field alongside it.

The user’s real name can be easily looked-up using their login name. Members can also delete their posts at any time, but a placeholder indicates the former location and author of a deleted or “scribbled” post, as well as who deleted it. WELL membership is available to almost anyone, but requires a paid subscription and use of one’s real name. Neil Gaiman, Bruce Sterling and Farai Chideya.

WELL members posted tidbits of all kinds. It is no longer active, but it remains as an archive. The WELL was frequently mentioned in the media in the 1980s and 1990s, probably disproportionately to the number of users it had relative to other online systems. This has diminished but not disappeared in recent years, with other online communities becoming commonplace. This early visibility was largely the result of the early policy of providing free accounts for interesting journalists and other select members of the media.

Salon sold The WELL to a new corporation, keeping hearts beating gets our hearts pumping. On July 21, it has determined that it is currently in the best interest of the company to retain this business and has therefore suspended all efforts to sell The WELL. And about 1 hour 54 minutes after the spacecraft left its parking orbit around Earth — the images display all the human and natural matter that glows and can be detected from space. Images of the Earth taken from November 1967 till March 1969″.

The WELL also received numerous awards in the 1980s and 1990s, including a Webby Award for online community in 1998, and an EFF Pioneer Award in 1994. In March 2007, The WELL was noted for refusing membership to Kevin Mitnick, and refunding his membership fee. A Timeline of the First Ten Years of The WELL”. The Well, a Pioneering Online Community, Is for Sale Again”. Buy Influential Virtual Community from Corporate Owners”. Salon sells The WELL to its members”. Archived from the original on 2011-09-07.

Retained as a text museum but now served via HTTP. The WELL celebrates 20th birthday” at Archive. Salon places The WELL up for sale” at Archive. This page was last edited on 4 January 2018, at 19:21. Enable it or click here to search in a degraded mode. The image with the official NASA designation AS17-148-22727 reproduces the view of the Earth as seen by the Apollo crew traveling toward the Moon. The translunar coast photograph extends from the Mediterranean Sea to Antarctica.