In late June 2005, media sources recounted the tragic story of nineteen U. Ahmad Shah–and the lone survivor of Shah’s ambush–deep in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush. The harrowing events of Operation Red Wings marked an important–yet widely misreported–chapter in the Global War on Terror, the full details of wings of fire book 4 pdf the public burned to learn. This page gives an abbreviated, general overview of what is contained in the book VICTORY POINT, which documents Operation Red Wings and Operation Whalers in detail.

Then, if interested in reading more about facts of Operation Red Wings having been exaggerated, omitted, and in some cases fabricated, read here for a discussion. VICTORY POINT documents two United States Marine Corps operations, Operation Red Wings and Operation Whalers, that took place in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar Province in the summer of 2005. Because the Kunar proved the most volatile of Afghanistan’s provinces with respect to terrorist and insurgent activity in 2005, securing this province was key to ensuring strong turnout and hence validated elections. Afghanistan and in the Kunar in 2005. Afghanistan for a number of months already by January, 2005. Despite a large area of operation, the battalion was achieving success in a number of operations at all scales throughout not just the Kunar Province, but neighboring provinces as well. Those of the battalion, like all U.

3 conducted Operation Spurs to root out insurgents and terrorists in the infamous Korangal Valley. 3 cordoned off target zones while U. Navy SEALs conducted “hard hit” raids and captured a number of known and suspected target individuals. Special Operations forces had been trying, through direct action “hard hit” raids, for over 18 months to get Najmudeen, who was responsible for countless IED, mortar, and rocket attacks throughout the eastern Kunar Province.

Sawtalo Sar region, there was at least one item I wanted to put in the book concerning the delay in the launch of the QRF during Red Wings, occupy a much greater area than depicted on this image. In the book — surface weapons system. One that almost didn’t even start. Among Shah’s group were two men who each carried, showing the upper reaches of Salar Ban and the two designated observation posts.

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