Should be used on ground that is relatively flat. Closer stake spacing can reduce wire backed silt fence detail pdf costs and is worth considering.

On steeper sites, the taller silt fence is recommended to make up for the difficulty in positioning the silt fence on the contour. Should be specified where it is subject to abuse, or at times where you can’t afford to have a failure. We recommend 6’ or 4’ spacing. If you are going to the expense of wireback it is always worth the money to go to the closer spacing. Use when subject to abuse or at times where you can’t afford to have a failure. Super Silt Fence is a term generally used for chain link fence backed silt fence, however, some people also use it to describe any type of wire backed silt fence. The chain link backing with pipe is the heaviest silt fence spec, it is virtually indestructible.

There is a significant amount of overkill but it works great. Place intermediate flags about 15-30 feet apart. No need to meet us at the site. We will simply follow the flags and perform a perfect installation.

If you do not see a label it’s probably because it does not even meet the minimum requirements. If you ask for 10 feet on center you will get 10 feet on center. It takes us a certain amount of time to arrive at your site in addition to the 30 minutes we spend loading and unloading. Drive stakes and backfill in one pass, are you equipped to handle unusual specs? If I have a confusing site, all materials are NPDES II compliant and EPA approved.

Perfect Silt Fence Installation Guaranteed With our patented equipment we can probably install your silt fence for less than you can do it for yourself. Silt Fence FAQs How can you quote a price when you have not visited the site? Can you drive a 4 wheel drive backhoe where you want the silt fence? We occasionally have to take on a terrible job but our customers appreciate us even more. They also like the fact that they get a firm quote for the job.