UK as Aguirre, Wrath of God, is a 1972 West Wrath of a mad god pdf epic historical drama film written and directed by Werner Herzog. Using a minimalist approach to the story and dialogue, the film creates a vision of madness and folly, counterpointed by the lush but unforgiving Amazonian jungle.

Although loosely based on what is known of the historical figure of Aguirre, Herzog acknowledged years after the film’s release that its storyline is a work of fiction. Aguirre was the first of five collaborations between Herzog and the volatile Kinski. Kinski’s tantrums terrorized both the crew and the local natives who were assisting the production. Shooting was entirely on location, and was fraught with difficulties. Aguirre opened to widespread critical acclaim, and quickly developed a large international cult film following. It was given an extensive arthouse theatrical release in the United States in 1977, and remains one of the director’s best-known films. In 1560, several score of Spanish conquistadors, and a hundred Indian slaves, march down from the newly conquered Inca Empire in the Andes mountains into the jungles to the east, in search of the fabled country of El Dorado.

Traveling through rapids, one of the four rafts gets caught in an eddy, and the others are unable to help free it. Ursúa wants the bodies to be brought back to camp for proper burial. During the night, the remaining rafts are swept away by the rising river. Time has run out for the scouting mission, and Ursúa decides to return to Pizarro’s group. Aguirre proves to be an oppressive leader, so terrifying that few protest his leadership. Only Inés has the courage to speak out against him.

Knowing that some of the soldiers are still loyal to Ursúa, Aguirre simply ignores her. The expedition continues on a single, newly built, large raft. An Indian couple approaching peacefully by canoe is captured by the explorers, and when the man expresses confusion when presented with a Bible, Brother Carvajal kills them for blasphemy. De Guzmán dines on the low food supplies while the men starve, and has the expedition’s only remaining horse pushed off the raft because it annoys him. On the raft again, the group of slowly starving, feverish men begin disbelieving everything they see, even when shot with arrows. The group stares in disbelief at a wooden ship perched in the highest branches of a tall tree, which Aguirre orders be brought down and refurbished, but Brother Carvajal refuses.

In a series of final attacks by unseen assailants, the remaining survivors including Aguirre’s daughter are killed by arrows. The idea for the film began when Herzog borrowed a book on historical adventurers from a friend. After reading a half-page devoted to Lope de Aguirre, the filmmaker became inspired and immediately devised the story. He fabricated most of the plot details and characters, although he did use some historical figures in purely fictitious ways. Herzog wrote the screenplay “in a frenzy”, and completed it in two-and-a-half days. His teammates got drunk after winning a game and one of them vomited on several pages of Herzog’s manuscript, which he immediately threw out the window. Herzog claims he cannot remember all of the things that he wrote on these pages.

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