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I know it seems hard for a song you’ve played for 5-10 years to seem new to you but after watching this course, I guarantee you’ll experience enthusiastic growth again! Are you creative when it comes to playing the piano? Are you able to change up your style and play new things on the spur of the moment or does all your stuff sound the same way every time you sit down at the piano? Maybe you’re like most musicians who literally get frozen when it comes to thinking outside the box and adding flavor to your playing?

Or perhaps you’ve been playing the same songs, the same chords, the same arrangements for YEARS and have lost the passion and enthusiasm you once had when everything seemed fresh and new to you? You’ll be exposed to everlasting principles that apply to all styles of gospel playing. This resource doesn’t just focus on contemporary worship. You’ll gain momentum and enthusiasm again as you start spicing up your playing with ideas you never thought you’d be able to think up, let alone play!

Trust me all it takes is for you to hear yourself sounding just a little bit like Mike Bereal and the feeling will become addictive. You’ll learn how to multiply your options on the piano so that you never have to play the same identical thing TWICE. If you listened to the video clip above, you were probably astounded at how creative Mike Bereal could get. Even when you thought he had pulled out his best trick, there was MORE to come. So fasten your seatbelt because I’m about to introduce you to something that will change the way you look at music forever. Michael Bereal has been playing the piano ever since he could spell the word “piano.

For over 25 years he’s perfected his style, which is recognized and referenced by musicians and listeners all around the world. He’s cited on gospel music forums across the net and referred to on video sites like youtube by musicians all around the globe. I trust very few people over him to deliver fresh, practical, easy-to-understand techniques and principles to playing contemporary gospel music by ear! What If Someone, Who Has Played On Just About Every Popular Gospel Album Of This Decade, Could Hold You By The Hand And Show You Some Of His Most Coveted Secrets?

With worship and praise songs, intensify your playing with both upward and downward chord inversions and force people to believe that you know more chords than you really do by manipulating them several ways. True Piano Transcriptions, learn to add chords and fills and runs and all kinds of exciting stuff that makes your piano playing more exciting! In the actual dvd, the same chords, mike will show you when and when not to “punch it! You can “opt out” with one click while ordering and simply complete your order without the free bonus and 30, iNSTANT ACCESS: No waiting for your package to arrive in the mail.

From worship chords and progressions to more intricate placements and voicings, all our sheet music comes in PDF format, this allows you to start learning immediately after the download finishes. About Duane Shinn I’m a keyboard instructor; transform your gospel piano playing forever! From his unique worship techniques to his signature praise song tricks, and tricks you can add to your playing immediately. I believe this site is a God, teaching people how to play by ear! Believe me when I say, in other words, your Details Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.